Ladies Originals

Our Chelsea boots, known for their iconic design and striking pull tabs. Perfect as they are. They are slightly narrower than the Classic and are therefore not supplied with an extra insole.

✓ Narrow fit
✓ Soft sole for extra comfort
✓ Water-repellent and premium leather
✓ The leather becomes more flexible as you wear the shoes

Ladies Classics

Our iconic #500 boot goes a step further in the Classic #550 series. More luxurious, more comfort and lined with leather. The classic is always supplied with an extra insole, because the classic is slightly wider than other Blundstones.

✓ Lined with leather, more luxurious than the original series
✓ Extra cushioning in the sole (SPS)
✓ Wider than original + extra insoles included
✓ The leather becomes more flexible as you wear the shoes

Women's Dress Boots

Our dress boots look less robust than the originals and classics. The square toe gives it a charming look and can be combined with any outfit and occasion.

✓ Fits larger than original & classic
✓ You can usually order a half/full size smaller
✓ Square toe and lined with leather
✓ Less coarse sole

Women's Vibram Boots

The first Blundstones with a vibram sole. Extremely suitable for the catering industry, for example. These boots are suitable for all surfaces and are great for a long walk in the city or the forest.

✓ Removable breathable footbed
✓ Light weight
✓ Sturdy shoe with profile for stability
✓ Vibram sole

Ladies Vegan

All components of the vegan series are completely vegan, from the brand labels and the upper to the footbed and sole. These vegan Blundstones have been verified by Eurofins | Chem-Map and are water-repellent. They do not need any maintenance cream.

✓ Upper is from onMicro® and is vegan
✓ The leather is breathable and lightweight
✓ The sole is made of TPU and the boots are water-repellent
✓ This model requires no care

Women's Waterproof (Thermal)

A waterproof elastic and the leather has been treated so that it is waterproof. A lovely sheepskin sole that ensures warm feet during wet and cold days. In spring and summer you can use a different footbed, so you can wear the model all year round.

Based on the classic fit
✓ Removable sheepskin footbed & waterproof
✓ Fits 1 size larger than original & classic category

Women's Lug Boots

Our most robust model. A coarse sole, wonderful comfort and cushioning like never before. This model fits wonderfully and is a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

✓ Wider model
✓ Rubber sole with coarse profile
✓ Luxury footbed and lined with leather & fabric
✓ Arch comfort footbed that feels great

Women's Work Shoes

The well-known Blundstone comfort in the jacket of the work shoe. Working for hours on Blundstone boots reduces back and knee complaints. S3 and CE approved. The choice between brown or black and with or without a crawling nose.

✓ Sturdy and extremely comfortable
✓ S3 and CE approved
✓ Choice between brown and black
✓ Ensure proper maintenance

Ladies High Top

This model is made on the last of an original, but is higher than the regular original. It has a high, narrow shaft, is feminine and beautifully finished with special stitching. Fits with any outfit, both summer and winter.

✓ Classic brogue details
✓ Higher shaft, narrow entry
✓ Based on the original fit
✓ Tip: easy to remove with a boot jack

Women's High Heels

The heel height of this charming fashion model is 7.5 cm. Due to the enormous comfort you experience, you do not feel like you are walking in heels. Walking on the high heel all day is no problem. The model is trendy and easy to combine.

✓ Heel height of 7.5 cm
✓ Fits a bit narrower than other Blundstone series
✓ Legendary comfort with a feminine touch
✓ For summer and winter and matches any outfit

Women's Middle Heels

The heel height of these beautiful timeless ladies boots is 3 centimeters. This model is water-repellent and the insole can be removed. The well-known legendary Blundstone comfort in a trendy jacket.

✓ Fits a bit narrower than other Blundstone series
✓ Legendary comfort with a feminine touch
✓ A good addition to your wardrobe

✓ Fits well on the foot and perfect for summer and winter