Blundstone ladies boots

Blundstone ladies boots

Blundstone ladies boots

Blundstone especially for fashion-conscious ladies! Our Blundstone women's boots are available in different models. Blundstone has launched a higher Chelsea boot and a shoe with a heel especially for women. An elegant, refined and sleek model. Both models have a feminine silhouette. Women often wear heels, but after a long day they are often happy to take the heels off. Attention all ladies! With Blundstone's womens collection, painful and/or tired feet are a thing of the past. Even the Blundstones with a heel are wonderfully comfortable to wear and you can walk in them for hours. The classic models with a feminine shape that are available in different colors and models are the must-have Chelsea boots for women.

Feminine and stylish

Women want to be fashion-conscious, but boots must also be of good quality. What makes a women's boot a women's shoe? The women's shoes have brogue stitching along the elastic, the shoe is lined the same as the classic and the model is a bit higher than the original and classic. We have the higher ladies' model in different models: 1351 , 1448 , 1352 and model 1630 .

Blundstone ladies boots with heel

The Blundstone women's boots have a new heel and are made of soft leather, specially designed for women's feet and are stylish, slim and comfortable. You are unique with model 1671 and/or model 1673. The women's models have a narrower entry than the other Blundstone models. The last is narrower, which means that the boots often turn out smaller than expected. In addition, the women's collection has the same characteristic features as all other models. Think of something lightweight and comfortable. As well as the Shock Protection System, which absorbs 33% of shocks. Your knees, hips and back therefore have to endure less.

Soft, supple leather and a feminine look

The Blundstone women's heeled boots combine comfort and elegance with a distinctly feminine look. Chelsea boots with heel not for you? Then take a look at the higher ladies Chelsea boots. For more inspiration and information, we refer you to our socials. The Instagram page gets great updates every day.