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Blundstone gentlemen

Blundstone men's 585

Blundstone men are the ideal Chelsea boots for men. The range includes a varying range of different materials and colours. In addition, Blundstone also has different categories so that our Blundstone men always find a suitable model. The categories consist of classics, original, dress boots and city dress boots for now. Later this season, the range will be supplemented with 100% waterproof boots, an active series, vegan certified boots and several new colors in the classics and originals category.

So if you are not a leather fan or do not want to wear leather, then the men's vegan boots are the perfect solution. The vegan certified boots are available in black and brown. Experience the amazing Blundstone comfort now with the vegan certified Blundstone men's boots.

Blundstones men that suit every man 100%

Blundstone has been around for about 150 years and is widely worn by men. Blundstone is originally a work shoe brand. When it comes to work shoes, the priority is that the shoes fit well, because you work in the shoes all day long. Blundstone is famous for its wonderful fit. Blundstone boots are easy to put on through both loops. You put your finger through one or both of the loops and tighten them very nicely. Blundstones are shoes with which you can walk and stroll for hours through the city, the beach, the forest or not have to worry about your shoes when you go out for a night.

The ankle boots match any outfit and are easy to combine. Think of clothing combinations such as skinny jeans with an oversized shirt and model 585 . Model 585 is a popular Blundstone men's model. The Blundstone model 585 has a somewhat vintage look and is made of nubuck leather. This model falls under the classic category. In this category you have other colors and materials from the Blundstones men.

Style advice for the Blundstones men

At the campsite with shorts, a light linen shirt and your favorite Blundstone pair, for example model 1609 . This classic model in the color antique brown is a fantastically beautiful brown model that fits with any outfit. Another model such as model 500 is a true Blundstone gentlemen. Blundstone model 500 combined with trousers and a shirt is a true style icon.

If you prefer the black Blundstone models, then models 510, 1901, 558 or model 068 are a good option. There are special Blundstone men's models, such as the city dress boots. These Blundstones are a bit narrower, more chic and casual. The classics and originals have a round nose and are a bit more robust. Then there is an exclusive Blundstone men's model, model 152 . This model is the most luxurious Blundstone model ever. Curious? Feel free to take a look at model 152.

The Blundstone men's range

For men who don't feel like going to one of our Blundstone sales points , there is our Blundstone webshop. In our online Blundstone store you can find all Blundstones that can be found in the Benelux. The Blundstones that can be found in the store are put together by the store itself, so it may well be that not all men's Blundstones can be found in the store. However, all Blundstone sales points can order your desired Blundstone, which can be found on Blundstone.nl.

Blundstone gentlemen advice

Are you curious about how best to style boots or which model suits you best? Please feel free to contact us! We can be reached by telephone, email and via our social media channels . You rock some Blundstones guys. Tag us and we will share your story or post on our account.