Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are ankle boots with a low heel for women and men. Named after a neighborhood in London that emerged in the 1950s called “Chelsea”. At that time, the place was filled with a unique ambiance, where people with interests such as art, fashion, media and literature came together. Creativity was and is highly present. Many emotions were brought out through art and expression. It wasn't just the interests such as news, art, culture and actors that made this group so special, but the single boots they all wore. The popular ankle boots are named after the “Chelsea” neighborhood where the boots were worn by the people. The silhouette of the shoe is characterized by a low heel, an elastic band on two sides and therefore a laceless shoe.

Chelsea boots are back!

If we are to believe fashion magazines, bloggers and vloggers, comfortable and elegant ankle boots are the boots you should have in your closet. Quick to put on via the characteristic Blundstone pull tabs. These pull tags are indestructible and because there is elastic on both sides, Chelsea boots are the easiest boots to put on. So let's be honest for a moment. Chelsea boots also look perfect with any item of clothing you can think of. Are you a momfit jeans lover or more of a skinny jeans wearer? Combine them with a pair of black Chelsea boots, for example. Fashionable boots with a nice low heel. Stylish and a thing of the past with tired feet.

Why Blundstone Chelsea boots?

Since 1870, we've developed new methods to provide unparalleled comfort and basic protection. We invest a lot of money in research and work with partners to obtain the best and latest technology available. We work with top global suppliers, innovators and high-end manufacturers to provide foot comfort systems that provide superior shock absorption and comfort. Blundstone's unique structure is designed and developed to reduce fatigue and orthopedic problems in substructures. In addition, the leather comes from the best tannery in the world, it offers excellent protection against the weather and has a very long lifespan. The comfort has even been recognized by the American Pediatric Medical Association (APMA) for products beneficial to foot health. BLUNDSTONE 2056 chelsea boots

Shock Protection System

All Blundstone Chelsea boots have the Shock Protection System. This means that due to the cushioning incorporated in the sole, you experience 33% less shock on your knees, hips and back. This remarkable comfort will steal the heart of anyone who has ever walked on a pair of Blundstone Chelsea boots. When you purchase a pair of Blundstone boots, more will always follow. Who wouldn't want to walk in shoes that are light and flexible? In addition, many people are happy that they can take off their shoes at the end of a day. This does not apply to Blundstone Chelsea boots. You can walk for hours without getting tired or sore feet. Whether you use them during a walk in the woods, at work or wear ankle boots when visiting the city, Blundstones are unique shoes among the different Chelsea boots.

About the Chelsea boots

We also call Chelsea boots the most timeless ankle boots available. The boots for women and men with the characteristic elastic pieces on the sides of the boots. From different colors to round and square toes. A light and flexible sole which helps provide a comfortable feeling. Blundstone is characterized by the two pull tabs at the top of the Chelsea boots. The pull tags are easy to put on and indestructible. Traditionally, Blundstone boots were used as work shoes. Often also while horse riding. The unique silhouette and wearing comfort have been translated into a casual daily shoe that is therefore extremely strong. Almost “indestructible” because the same method of making the work shoes is still used.

Today, Chelsea boots are timeless jewels that match any item of clothing. Thanks to the wide range of different models and colors, there is always a Blundstone that suits you perfectly. You can perfectly combine your style and character traits with a Blundstone model of your choice. We also have a choice between lined and unlined models. Because of all the choice we offer, it may be difficult to choose a model that suits you perfectly.

Do you have any questions about the fit or a specific model? Please feel free to contact us. This can be done by telephone, email or social media .