Dress boots

Dress boots

The dress boots are indispensable within the Blundstone collection. Boots that have the perfect fit with an elegant and refined look. The Chelsea dress boots have a fashionable look due to the square toe. Made with attention to sustainability. Considering the combination of supple leather, a slimmer profile and the well-known square nose. Playful, adventurous but above all a nice pair of Chelsea boots.

The dress boot proves that it also knows everything about style. You can wear this surprising style to work, but also during dinner that same evening. While the other models are somewhat robust, the dress boots are refined. There are always Chelsea boots that are the perfect match for everyone, the dress boots are a series of these. Our Chelsea boots have a neatly cut square toe, whether you are sitting at a desk, dining out or on a horse, your Chelsea boots are the jewels on your feet.

Colors and materials

Various colors and materials can be found in our Blundstone range. From sturdy/robust dress boots to narrow-cut elegant Chelsea boots. From spotted nubuck to sleek black leather. Combinations between stout brown leather with dark brown elastic is the must-have. Are you looking for boots that complement your outfit? Then model 1900 or model 1901 suits you! Trendy and comfortable, combined with a classic ankle boot. We also call these two models the city dress boots. Streamlined ankle boots. Perfectly made for hours of walking in an urban environment. Made for walking to and from the office in style.

Different types of dress boots

Model 1900 and model 1901 are city dress boots. Black Chelsea boots or beautiful brown ones. If you like the more sturdy Chelsea boots, then model 1306, 068 or 067 might be something for you.

New model 1308

Did you hear? Model 1308 is a new model among dress boots. This Chelsea boot stands out from the rest because of the color combination and the square toe.