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Make your shoes waterproof

Waterproofing shoes

Making your shoes waterproof is very important. Taking care of your shoes is very important. If you don't take care of your shoes properly, there is a possibility that they will break or not last as long as you would like. Blundstones are made of leather. Leather is a natural product and that means it needs to be taken care of. Choose the right care products .

Shoe care: How to take care of the shoes?

There are different ways to make the shoes waterproof and therefore also different ways to maintain Blundstone boots. Blundstones are water-repellent and not waterproof. Waterproof Blundstones will be added to the Blundstone Benelux collection in 2021. Waterproofing your shoes is not applicable for water-repellent Blundstones. However there are several care products for Blundstone boots.

Because the boots consist of different materials, there are also different ways of maintenance. Making the shoes waterproof for 100% will not work, but making them water-repellent certainly will. In our assortment, we have a bee wax, called shoe polish. The shoe polish ensures that the leather is well nourished and cannot dry out. In addition, the shoe polish makes the shoes water-repellent again. Waterproofing the shoes is therefore never an issue. We recommend using the bee wax only on smooth leather Blundstone.

How to take care of waxed suede and nubuck leather?

Suede and nubuck are both types of leather. However, they are two different materials and also with these types of leather you want to make your shoes waterproof. Waxed suede and nubuck Blundstones can also not be made waterproof. Suede should be brushed clean with a suede brush. By brushing it clean with a suede brush the dirt will come off and you can spray the waxed suede material with Blundstone's waterproof spray. Waterproofing the shoes with a spray, which is water-repellent, is not possible in this case either.

In addition, there are the nubuck Blundstone variants. These variants can be rubbed in with the shoe polish, which makes the shoes water-repellent and nourishes them in one go. However, the color of the shoes will darken somewhat. If you want to retain the color of, for example, model 585 or model 587, we advise you not to use the shoe polish. Use the renovating cream instead. For the nubuck Blundstones you can use the renovating cream rustic. The leather will be nourished and the color will be preserved. Besides using the renovating cream, you should also use the waterproof spray. With the spray, the boots are made water-repellent.

Making your shoes waterproof, does it make sense?

Many people mix it up, but there is a big difference between waterproofing shoes and making shoes water-repellent. Shoes that are water-repellent never become waterproof. Waterproof shoes use different materials than water-repellent shoes. Water repellent shoes can be made water repellent and waterproof shoes can be made waterproof again.

The different Blundstone categories

There are several Blundstone categories, classics, originals, dress boots, city dress boots, heritage, active, vegan and the thermal. The thermal collection is a range of shoes that are waterproof and you can make them waterproof. The other categories are water-repellent and you can make these categories water-repellent again.

Do you have questions about the maintenance of your favorite Blundstone boots or would you like some advice? Then feel free to contact us. We can be reached by phone, mail and our social media channels. Are you on an adventure or making new memories with the Blundstone boots? Share your moments on social media and we repost your memories on our social media channels .If you have any questions about making your boots waterproof and water-repellent, please contact us!