No Chelsea boot replaces the iconic Blundstone Chelsea boot. This iconic Chelsea boot was launched 50 years ago. At the time, they were mainly worn by farmers and builders. Soon almost everyone discovered the shoe. From a person with an office job to well-known fashion wearers, the ankle boots were considered.

Not only do they look good, the shoe can be combined with all styles you can think of. The originals are built from the sole down with the best division into the best wearing comfort, luxurious appearance and simple appearance. The originals are available in different colors and materials. The originals are not lined on the inside. The shoe is made of beautiful and thick quality leather. Blundstones are extremely strong and refined. There is always a model that suits you perfectly.

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Iconic model 500

The original Chelsea boots 500 made Blundstone the symbol of today. Designed with the shape of a human foot for ultimate comfort, this classic boot accompanies you every step of the way, whether you're visiting a big city or an unknown hiking area. Beware of imitation, because Blundstone is the one and only!

Suede boots

The iconic Blundstone is also available in suede. Made from soft, light and waterproof suede leather, these boots have the comfort you expect, so they can stay with you for a long time.

Original models

The following models are Blundstone original models: 500, 510, 508, 1615, 577, 515, 519, 1910, 1911 and model 1618. Most requested models are 500, 510 and 1615. Then we have the anniversary boot limited edition model 150 This is a unique women's and men's shoe, which is an addition to your Blundstone collection.