Perfect Chelsea boots during the rainy weather

Perfect Chelsea boots during the rainy weather

Need perfect Chelsea boots in rainy weather? Are you a real hiker? Then you've come to the right place at Blundstone. At first, people always dream about not having tired feet after a long walk. Until the moment they continue the hike with Blundstone boots.

The fact is that Blundstone shoes are made for walking for days on end. Walking is restful, relaxing and healthy. We, the Dutch, walk a lot. Carefree walking, because what is more irritating than walking with blisters on your feet. Your enjoyment of a walk therefore largely depends on the pair of shoes you wear. A good footbed is of great importance. A sturdy shoe around the foot provides good support.

The perfect support during a walk

Perfect Chelsea boots in rainy weather immediately make a good walking shoe. Blundstone boots can stand a drop of rain. Blundstone shoes are water-repellent. You can walk the dogs in the rain without getting your feet wet. But also think about a neat festival terrain or a wet shopping street. Our Blundstone Chelsea boots are perfect for both activities.

Originally work shoes

Originally Blundstone are real work boots/safety boots .This means, as you will understand, that the shoes have to be strong. This manufacturing method is still in force and results in a long life of the Chelsea boots. Once a fan of Blundstone, is a fan for life. The fantastic wearing comfort ensures worldwide fans.


Blundstones are treated at the factory, which makes the boots water-repellent. We shouldn't say waterproof, but it's close to it. You can easily walk through puddles of water, without your shoes getting wet. If your boots are very wet, let them dry. Do not do this under a heater or in full sunlight. When you receive your Blundstones, you don't have to do anything in terms of spraying or greasing them. After some time, however, this is a good idea. See our website for more information on the treatment of your Blundstones.

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