The Blundstone hiking boots

The Blundstone hiking boots

Blundstone hiking boots

Walking is relaxing and healthy

Walking a lot is healthy, but walking for hours on shoes without good soles is not. A good footbed is priority number 1 for walking shoes. After all, a good shoe is important for your health. In addition, the boots must also be resistant to rainy weather. The Blundstone walking shoes are the perfect walking shoes. The poron in the soles provides optimal walking comfort.

You can walk for hours on the Blundstones, without your feet getting tired. It has also been shown that back problems are reduced due to the good footbed and the comfort that Blundstones offer. Besides a good comfort of the boots, the look is also very important. When you use orthotics, you can replace the soles yourself. The soles are lightweight and flexible. This makes painful feet a thing of the past!

Walking through a nature reserve or the woods??

Then Blundstone walking shoes are the right thing for you. There are different models. For example, there is a distinction between the classics and the originals. In terms of comfort, all Blundstones remain the same. The trendy and fashionable look of the Chelsea boots also remains. The walking shoes are fashionable, water-repellent and can stand a layer of mud. Because of the pull tags you can easily put the shoes on

To get you through the wonderful spring season, we offer the perfect walking shoe. So you don't have to stay at home, but you can walk for hours.

Blundstone walking shoes for kids

For the little hikers we also have Blundstone walking shoes. Blundstones are made of the best materials. Whether your child plays in a tree house for days on end or plays tag in the street, they can play carefree with Blundstones on their children's feet. Because of the production method of the little Chelsea boots, the shoes last a long time. They are high quality shoes made of durable and elegant leather. Girls' shoes and boys' shoes for wide and narrow children's feet. The children's shoes also have the shock protection system. This means that the vibrations during walking are absorbed by the soles instead of the knees. All this results in the best walking comfort!

Ordered before 4 pm means processed the same day

To make sure you get your ideal pair of Blundstone walking shoes as soon as possible, we ship until 4 pm This means that if you order before 4 pm, your order will be processed immediately. Do you have any questions ? please don't hesitate to contact us! You can reach us by e-mail/phone. Or contact us via Instagram .