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Blundstone vegan boots certified Chelsea boots

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Vegan boots are hip! Blundstone vegan boots certified Chelsea boots are a fact! A friendly world for everyone. Blundstone always considers the welfare of animals to be important, so they have cared deeply about that for 150 years. In addition to the production of leather, suede and nubuck Chelsea boots. Blundstone will launch vegan boots certified Chelsea boots in September 2021.

Blundstone certified vegan shoes suit every individual

Blundstone believes that there is a pair of Blundstones for young and old. The range consists of children's shoes, women's shoes and men's shoes. Blundstone even has work shoes for the hard workers. Are you a person who loves leather Chelsea boots? Or do you prefer suede Chelsea boots or nubuck Chelsea boots? In addition to the different types of leather, vegan boots certified Chelsea boot models are available.

Vegan certified Blundstones based on the originals

The new vegan boots certified Blundstones are made on the last of the original series. The vegan boots certified Blundstone variant comes in two different colors, namely black and brown. Besides the fact that the vegan boots certified Chelsea boots look great, the boots have fantastic absorbency. This ensures that you experience extraordinary comfort. In addition, it ensures dryness in the shoe. It may also be nice to know that the insoles are always removable on all Blundstone models. Podology insoles are always possible in Blundstone!

Water-repellent 100% vegan "onMicro" microfiber

The boots are water-repellent and made of 100% vegan microfiber. The upper material is vegan and the boots are easy to clean. It is also important that you maintain the vegan boots with certified Chelsea boots properly. For more tips on this, please take a look at our shoe care page.

Blundstone's craftsmanship

Blundstone is known worldwide in the shoe industry. Trendy, hip, original and quality are a number of words that characterize the Blundstone brand. Many people value sustainability and animal-friendly products. This often means that people do not want to wear animal materials. Thanks to the vegan certified shoes, we have a wide range for everyone! Vegan shoes are the bomb and there is a lot of demand for vegan shoes these days. Blundstone is therefore happy to have the certified vegan Chelsea boots in its range.

Vegan certified shoes also match any outfit

Shoes for women and men go with every outfit. Match with different colors and materials. A great range of women's shoes and men's shoes . For men, cool trousers or jeans. And for the ladies, shorts, a dress and/or a skirt look perfect with the trendy ankle boots. Vegan shoes, just like leather shoes, fit with any outfit.

Are you a vegan or a vegetarian?

Then these vegan boots certified shoes are perfect for you! Vegetarian and/or vegan food is becoming more common, but fashion is still lagging behind. At Blundstone they want to continue the trend of awareness in fashion. Vegan boots certified Chelsea boots fit perfectly with the lifestyle of someone who cares about the importance of animals and the environment. Quality and service are of paramount importance to Blundstone. By expanding the Blundstone categories with vegan certified boots, we will conquer the market. The wonderful comfort of Blundstone now also in certified vegan shoes, which is of course great.

Why did thousands go before you with a pair of Chelsea boots?

Blundstone is known for its excellent wearing comfort. Your feet work many hours in a day and therefore need a sturdy shoe. In addition, Blundstone offers excellent foot and arch support. What is an extra with the Blundstones is that the insoles can be removed from all Chelsea boots. So this is also possible with the latest vegan shoes, certified Chelsea boots. Nowadays many people have podiatry insoles and it is ideal that these insoles fit all Blundstone models.

Blundstone is hip, so many have gone before you!

Blundstone has simply become an indispensable part of the street scene. Do you already have a few Blundstone in your closet? Suede, nubuck or leather Blundstone boots? Then the vegan certified Chelsea boots are the perfect addition!

Need style advice? Please let us know. The Blundstone Benelux team is happy to help everyone!