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Vegan women's leather shoes are completely trendy! Vegan shoes for women Blundstones cannot be missed! A few years ago, major designers carefully started promoting vegan leather and, for example, vegan shoes for women. Not much is known about it. What exactly is vegan leather and why has this 'type of leather' suddenly become so extremely popular, especially for vegan shoes for women?

We at Blundstone had all kinds of questions, just like you. We slowly started to become curious and put on our 'naughty' Blundstone shoes. A study that we will talk about for a long time. We are enthusiastic. Vegan leather and therefore women's vegan shoes are hot! And completely contemporary. That is why we have decided to give a number of models the special vegan 'jacket'. These models will be released in September 2021! We are curious about your opinion about this special version. But first a further explanation about the special vegan leather and the ladies' vegan shoes.

The term vegan for women's vegan shoes

First of all, the term vegan. Where does this come from and what exactly does it mean? Veganism, also known as vegan for short, is extremely popular. Vegan restaurants are suddenly everywhere and every food brand has a special vegan line. Veganism is a lifestyle that renounces the exploitation and cruelty to animals. This applies to animals that are used for food, clothing or other uses. So people follow a plant-based lifestyle. For us, this was a far-fetched show in the beginning. But we find it interesting to delve further into new worlds and possibilities.

Blundstone is a brand that wants to continuously develop. We work with high-quality products and this naturally includes vegan women's shoes Blundstones. Have you ever heard of vegan shoes ladies? If not, vegan shoes for women are the boots that belong in your shoe closet. The vegan shoes for women are real must-haves. Get your vegan shoes for ladies now, such as model 2115 or model 2116 .

The process of vegan leather

Vegan therefore means that no animal must have been involved. Vegan leather often consists of synthetic substances such as polyester and polyurethane. Nowadays there are also designers who are busy working with special hemp leather. Not much is known about this yet. The 'old' image of artificial leather is a thing of the past. Vegan leather feels nice and looks like real leather. The material is of good quality and lasts a long time. Something that we at Blundstone find very important. Vegan shoes for women from Blundstone fit perfectly on the foot and have the comfort of all other Blundstone models.

The original

The original model is the first model within Blundstone that will also be designed from vegan leather. The model lives up to its name. An original pair of Blundstone Chelsea boots of high quality with an eye for detail. This model was designed and first produced more than 50 years ago. The original model is made on a narrower last than, for example, the classic model. Both models are the best-selling models within the Blundstone family. While the original Chelsea boots were initially mainly worn by people working in heavy physical jobs, this quickly made a switch.

Nowadays everyone wears the original Chelsea boot model. From police to office workers and major icons from the fashion world, they all walk away happily with these beautiful boots. The Chelsea boots are available in different colors and materials. At Blundstone, the Chelsea boots are made from smooth leather, nubuck, suede and recently also from vegan leather. The Blundstone Chelsea boots are for women , men and children . The vegan shoes for women from Blundstone models are for women and men.

Vegan Blundstones will be released in 2021!

Have you also become enthusiastic and curious about the vegan Blundstones? Then keep a close eye on our website and webshop, because the first models will be released in September 2021! We are busy assessing various samples. Together with Blundstone Australia we would like to design the best possible model. This takes a lot of time. Only the best is good enough for Blundstone. We remain a unique brand with our own identity. Our view on Chelsea boots is different. Quality, comfortable, stylish and an eye for detail are four important keywords for us.

We are happy to expand our brand with a special collection of vegan leather Chelsea boots. You can buy good quality vegan Chelsea boots at Blundstone! Share your favorite vegan shoe ladies moment and share it on your social media channels. We will repost it via our social media !