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Safety shoe

Buy work shoes at Blundstone - Model 122 - Shoes with steel toe - safety shoe

A safety shoe is important for, for example, the profession of a chef. It is important that a chef has a good footbed and walking comfort. A chef travels many meters in the kitchen, with the Blundstone safety shoe you will not have tiring feet at the end of the day. In addition, the safety boots must also be resistant to slipping and therefore have a non-slip sole. If you drop a knife or a pan, the steel nose means your stones are not in danger.

Catering shoes

In the kitchen there is often a damp and slippery floor, which your safety shoe must provide support for. In addition, the safety shoe must look representative when chefs walk through the restaurant. It is also important to look good when serving. Our Blundstone models without a steel toe are fashionable, casual and timeless. Easy to combine and style your outfit neatly. You can also walk on the boots for days without any problems with your feet

Convenience and quality

The Blundstone safety boot is laceless, so you can easily put on the shoes. In addition, the sole is a non-slip sole. Lightweight and heat resistant up to 110 degrees due to the TPU outsole. Do you use podiatric insoles? No problem, because the Blundstone insoles are removable.

S3 and CE approved

Chefs need a nose of steel in the kitchen. This is in case, for example, a knife or a pan falls on the shoes. The Blundstone safety shoe is both S3 and CE approved. Your toes are safe because of the steel toe. In addition, the shoes are oil, acid and organic fat resistant. Cut and slip resistance and water-repellent leather. Model 910 has a crawler toe plus a steel toe cap. Where model 122 does not have a creep nose.

Free shipping and returns

In addition to offering a nice price on various items, the Blundstones are sent for free from a price of €65 euros. In fact, if you order before 4:00 PM, your Blundstones will be delivered the next day.

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