LP - Steel toe work boots

Steel toe work boots

Buy work shoes at Blundstone - Model 122 - Shoes with steel toe - safety shoe

A comfortable and ideal fit while driving, with a nice Blundstone work shoe steel toe. Say goodbye to tired or sore feet and say hello to the beautiful steel toe work boots. Blundstone is known for its comfortable and refined shoes. Because yes, steel toe work shoes must fit perfectly for our heroes of the road. Steel toe work boots that are too tight or too loose will result in painful toes and/or feet. It is therefore important that the footbed and size of the work shoe with steel toe is correct. Blundstone models are ideal for long journeys in the truck, for example. With or without steel toe.

Work shoe with steel toe cap

There are two well-known men's steel toe work shoes that are often sold to logistics employees. If someone needs steel toe work shoes, you can choose the much sought-after comfortable work shoes in model 122 and the popular model 910. Both shoes are in the S3 safety class and are CE approved. If you don't need a steel toe and want to enjoy the Blundstone, you have a wide range to choose from.

Tired feet are a thing of the past!

The advantage of Blundstone is that you can walk for days in the same shoes without having pain in your feet at the end of a day. Do you ever get cramps in your feet during a long car ride? Did you know that your knees and back receive 33% less shock due to the sole in a Blundstone shoe. A sturdy PU sole with integrated absorption material that absorbs shock.

Convenience and quality

An easy shoe to put on via the pull loops and therefore laceless! In addition, the sole is a non-slip sole. Lightweight and heat resistant up to 110 degrees TPU outsole. Do you have podiatric insoles? No problem, because the Blundstone insole is removable.

Loading and unloading without any danger

The work shoe with steel toe cap is both S3 and CE approved. Your toes are safe because of the steel toe. In addition, the shoes are oil, acid and organic fat resistant. Cut and slip resistance and water-repellent leather. Model 910 has a crawler toe plus a steel toe cap. Where model 122 does not have a creep nose.

Free shipping for men's work boots

In addition to offering a nice price on various items, the Blundstone steel toe work shoes are shipped free from a price of €65 euros. In fact, if you order before 4:00 PM, your Blundstones will be delivered the next day.

Personal advice when buying work shoes

Service is a must and we are happy to advise our customers. We can therefore be reached 7 days a week via Facebook and Instagram . Feel free to send a message and receive an answer from us within 1 hour! Would you still like to call or email? Then we can be reached on 0492 54 38 38 or fill in the contact form .