Blundstone op social media - 3 plekken waar je ons vindt!

Blundstone on social media - 3 places where you can find us!

Blundstone on social media and now unmissable! Blundstone Benelux has been a proud user of several social media channels for a number of years. Blundstone Benelux keeps its loyal fans informed through these channels. The number 1 shoe brand in the Benelux.

There is a lot to consider when setting up a good social channel. The marketing team at Blundstone Benelux has intensively studied this 'social' state of affairs. Studies and training have been followed to present Blundstone as best as possible. And in this short period of time we have already succeeded quite well. Blundstone Benelux does not outsource its marketing tasks to third parties. We have found that marketing works best when projects are led by people who are close to the brand. It's almost impossible to get closer than the Blundstone Benelux team itself! The marketing team passionately discusses new plans and collaborations every week.

Blundstone on social media - Influencer

Blundstone Benelux currently has several major collaborations to its name. Think of the great collaboration with Romy Boomsma. Romy is the absolute influencer of the moment. Together with her family she has a beautiful farm with all kinds of different animals. The whole family walks on Blundstones! The Blundstone boots come in handy on the farm where they live.

Blundstone - Your favorite shoe with 100% certainty

All Blundstone models have a sole made of polyurethane, also known as PU. PU has several advantages. It is flexible, runs smoothly and can certainly take a beating. Certain models even have a special SPS system in the sole. SPS stands for shock protection system. Because your (lower) back, knees and feet have to endure quite a bit while walking, this system absorbs as many shocks as possible. The system dampens these shocks, so you will eventually notice that you don't want to walk on anything else! The Blundstone boots will find a permanent place in the shoe cupboard.

Not only the big influencers are running away with Blundstone on social media and in real life. How about the popular Dutch film 'Our boys'? Here too, the protagonists wear the popular Blundstone models. A more international look? The award-winning Netflix series 'Lupin' has also put its protagonist in a few Blundstones and that is a lot of fun! Omar Sy shines even more with a real pair of classics.

The Blundstones are not only worn a lot on the film sets. In addition to these film sets and Blundstone on social media, the Israeli police are also big fans and that is not without reason! The Blundstone boots provide comfort and safety at the same time. Do you want extra strength? Then you can also opt for a pair of safety boots. The safety boots have a steel toe for extra strength and protection. In addition, the boots are heat resistant up to 300 degrees Celsius. The shoes are also resistant to oil, acids and organic fat. These safety models are therefore ideal for the hard workers among us, for example work in construction.

Every day, the marketing department of Blundstone Benelux is busy looking for suitable and challenging collaborations. Bringing attention to Blundstone on social media is one of our most important tasks. In this way we hope to take Blundstone to an even higher level within the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Together with the loyal Blundstone ambassadors, this high level should be perfectly achievable. Inspiration is always welcome, so if you have any great marketing ideas for Blundstone Benelux, please let us know. We are easily accessible by telephone , email , but of course via social media. Also keep a close eye on our Instagram page for fun inspiration and promotions because the best is yet to come!