De Blundstone safety boots

The Blundstone safety boots

For the real hard workers among us, there are the Blundstone safety boots. These are exclusive work shoes that protect your feet during complicated and heavy work. In addition to being real work shoes, they also offer comfort and look stylish. Of course, the eye also wants something during all this work. Whether you work in construction or as a gardener, these safety boots have a steel toe that supports every action you make. Get rid of boring work outfits with these comfortable Blundstone safety boots. The safety boots are available in two models. And both models give the same effect.

The Blundstone safety boots - Dangerous work? The 5 reasons why Blundstone safety boots are really something for you

The Blundstone safety boots are of great importance in dangerous professions. This way you keep a safe feeling while working. This safe feeling is provided, among other things, by using a good footbed. Shoes ensure that you literally and figuratively have both feet on the ground. Don't be distracted by all the 'challenges' that come your way, with these safety boots you will hold your own!

Blundstone has specialized in the design and development of sturdy Chelsea boots for over 150 years. This also includes safety boots. Blundstone is originally from Tasmania, Australia. A special area with lots of unspoilt nature. Perfect for the backpackers among us! All Blundstone models are therefore designed to withstand a blow. The Blundstone safety boots are S3 and CE approved, I don't think any further confirmation is necessary?! The shoe is heat resistant up to 300 degrees Celsius. There is something special going on with these soles, they are sprayed under the shoe in the Blundstone factory.

These soles are made of polyurethane, also known as PU. PU was looking for very good shock absorption. This way you put a lot less strain on your feet, knees and (lower) back. In addition to heat resistance, the shoe also protects against acids, oils and organic fat. Afraid of slipping? Don't worry, the safety boots have perfect cut and slip resistance.

The safety shoes have something else nice, they have a steel toe! I don't think your toes could be better protected. You can't often say that you can pound hard without pain. The stitching with which the shoe is finished is made of Kevlar for that extra strength.

The Blundstone safety boots are available in two different models. There is a 910 and 122 model. The real Blundstone connoisseurs know exactly what the model looks like. Model 122 is slightly more classic than model 910. So it just depends on what you prefer.

At this moment I can only say: take a quick look at the awesome Blundstone Benelux website. In addition, the staff is very happy to assist and advise you. Because all that choice sometimes leaves you in doubt. Oh yes, and not to forget, the footbed is made of extra poron, which also gives some extra luxury to this sturdy shoe. Another reason to purchase this awesome brand!

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