Modebewuste Blundstone kids

Fashion-conscious Blundstone kids

Children want nothing more than to be independent and we see them as fashion-conscious Blundstone kids. The urge for "independence" encourages them to discover how they can do everything themselves. Pour your own drinks, make your own sandwich, but also want to choose your own clothes. Putting on shoes and choosing the pair they want to wear that day is also something they soon want to do themselves. But how do you ensure that your child wears sturdy shoes but also looks fashionable? We have the solution for this! The fashion-conscious Blundstone kids!

Let them choose for themselves, the fashion-conscious Blundstone kids

Our fashion-conscious Blundstone kids can do much more than we think. No matter how new and difficult it is sometimes, don't make the choices for them but let them choose for themselves. This way they go on a journey of discovery in their own world. Let your little one choose their own clothes. Who knows, you might have very fashion-conscious Blundstone kids and they might surprise you with their good taste (which they got from their parents, of course!). Giving them this freedom also solves the daily clothing debate, because they can wear what they feel good in. And the great thing is: when your child is putting together his or her outfit, you also have some time for yourself. This way you can enjoy your child's clothing festival or use the time to do something else enjoyable.

Cool glitter shoes or good sturdy shoes?

Imagine this: as a parent, you walk through the city with your child looking for new shoes. Your child wants cool sneakers or cool glitter shoes, but unfortunately they offer little support for the foot and ankles. Help! Now you're about to have an argument with your child. This does not promote the search for new shoes. Do you follow your opinion or do you give your child his or her way? Hanneke also had this conflict with her daughter, she talks about it in this blog. But why not both? The Chelsea Boots from Blundstone Kids offer the answer to this and that makes them fashion-conscious Blundstone kids.

Fashion-conscious Blundstone kids with Chelsea boots

If you are not yet familiar with Chelsea Boots: these are ankle boots with an elastic piece of fabric on the side. This not only looks very nice, but is also very handy when putting it on. The Chelsea Boots from Blundstone are extremely popular all over the world. The boots are made for every season and very stylish. A perfect shoe that your child can put on themselves thanks to the handy pull tabs and combine with different outfits. From cool ripped jeans with a polo and brown boots to a cute summer dress with sweet pink Chelsea boots underneath. Our Blundstone boots complete any children's outfit and Hanneke's daughter knows that too. They are available in various colors and materials and on some boots the elastic has a playful print. This allows us to vary endlessly, meaning we have new boots in our range every season. With the Blundstone boots, her daughters are fashion-conscious Blundstone kids. Show your fashion-conscious Blundstone kids online and we 'll repost it!

Specially made for romping around for the fashion-conscious Blundstone kids

Blundstone Boots for children are the best of both worlds: they are fashionable and have a firm footbed that provides good support. In addition, they are also indestructible, so your child can play on them without any worries. These boys' and girls' shoes are made for all children's feet. There is an insole that can be removed, so that there is room for podiatric insoles. The shoes also have a shock protection system. This ensures that the vibrations of the steps are absorbed by the sole instead of by the knees. This way you can watch your children romping around all day with peace of mind.

Twinning is winning

If you want to match with your child, the Chelsea boots from Blundstone are also available in your size! Blundstone is there for the whole family. We also have men's boots in our range. Because our boots last longer than a year and are easy to maintain, they are also a good investment for your wardrobe. We have a wide range for both you and your child. How nice is it to walk down the street with the family wearing the same cool boots? Now that's a real fashion statement!

They don't get it from a stranger

Don't forget, if the kids still need help with their choices, they will automatically come to you to ask for your fashion advice. They don't get their fashion-consciousness from a stranger, do they? So give them the freedom to make their own choices, help them where necessary and enjoy your child's development. In any case, we ensure that your child stands firmly on his or her feet and that their feet are well supported with every step they take towards independence.