Summertime met Blundstone - 5 leuke redenen waarom Blundstone in de zomer een goed idee is

Summertime with Blundstone - 5 fun reasons why Blundstone is a good idea in the summer

Summertime with Blundstone! Anyone who thinks that Blundstone is only suitable as a winter shoe is wrong! Since when is a fashionable Chelsea boot only wearable in the colder months? During the summer temperatures, the Blundstones are often more suitable than a sneaker.

Blundstone boots have special antibacterial soles. This way you keep your feet fresh and cool. Blundstone Chelsea boots are ideal for holidays. After a relaxing morning at the beach, quickly put on your boots for a walk through the nearest town. A shoe for every occasion, every season.

The Blundstone boots can be combined with any outfit. In the summer, these for ladies look nice under a maxi dress or short jeans. This way you give a stylish yet cool twist to your summer outfit and create a real summer time with the Blundstone look. All Blundstone models are unisex with the exception of the special women's series models. This is a slightly higher model with a slim fit.

In addition, this line has a characteristic brogue stitching along the elastic. This gives the shoe the femininity it deserves. These women's series are available in black or brown smooth leather, but a beautiful nubuck model is also available. Nubuck can be described as sanded leather. This means that the leather is not the same in any place and gives it a kind of spotted motif. Nubuck is seen as very suitable when you wear the boots for walks in the woods, for example. Any damage is less likely to be visible.

Summertime with Blundstone, boots for real men. The gentlemen are certainly not forgotten at Blundstone! Men can create their summertime Blundstone look with a nice pair of Blundstone Chelsea boots in combination with short Bermuda shorts. When evening falls, the shoes can be worn with smart trousers or jeans. It is wonderful to take an evening walk after dinner and you will certainly be happy with a nice pair of Blundstones.

Blundstone guarantees flexibility, safety and strength. An unpaved surface is no problem. The Blundstone sole ensures that you hardly notice this. Do you want to give a slightly chicer twist to the summer look? Then, as a man, go for the luxurious heritage model. This model has a slim fit and is made entirely of leather. Do you prefer the old, trusted Blundstone model? Then take a look at the Classics and Originals. These models continue to develop and every season there is a beautiful new color in the collection. This brings that real summertime with Blundstone

In addition to the adults, we should not forget the children. Every child can match with his or her parents at Blundstone. Because the collection is so large, there is something for every child. The Blundstone kids boots provide strength to growing children's feet. In addition, each kids model comes with a pair of extra insoles. This way the children can enjoy their new pair of Blundstones for longer. With Blundstone you let your children discover the summer world without any worries.

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