Werkschoenen kopen bij Blundstone

Buy work shoes at Blundstone

Want to buy work shoes at Blundstone? That's not crazy at all! Blundstone is known for its good and sturdy wearing comfort. Blundstone has been making work boots for more than 100 years, so it is a specialty of the brand! Blundstone safety boots are for hard workers such as self-employed persons, warehouse employees, production employees and construction workers, for example. It is important for these people to wear good safety boots. Your feet are put under a lot of strain every day, especially with professions such as painters, masons and construction workers. It is therefore very important that you have a good and sturdy footbed with your work shoes. It also provides support for your ankles and forefoot. In addition, arch supports can be used in all work shoes. You have also come to the right place for sporty work shoes. Blundstone has been producing work shoes for more than 100 years and offers high-quality work shoes. Do you already know the safety boots from Blundstone? Buying work shoes at Blundstone is something you will never regret!

Buy trendy work shoes at Blundstone

The range of work shoes consists of safety boots for men and women. The Blundstone range consists of two unique work shoes. The brown work boots 122 have a steel toe and have the real Blundstone character. The black 910 work boots also have a steel toe, while the 910 model has a crawl toe. The safety shoes are fashionable and have the look of the casual Blundstone Chelsea boot. The work boots are laceless and therefore easy to put on and take off. Both safety shoes are S3 and CE approved and have an anti-penetration sole. In addition, the rubber outsole is specially designed to increase slip resistance in a variety of environments. This means that the cut and slip resistance is optimal. For example, if you work with heat, then you have come to the right place with our work shoes. The 122 and 910 work shoes are both heat resistant up to 300 degrees. The shoes are also oil, acid and organic fat resistant.

Buy work shoes at Blundstone for construction

Construction workers, metal workers and technical employees need good quality shoes and that is why you should buy work shoes from Blundstone. In addition, good protection of the feet is also important. A steel toe, or safety toe, is a must. Heavy materials can fall on the toes, but the steel toe protects them. Work shoes offer foot protection. Not only against heavy objects that could fall on your foot, but also against sharp objects. The safety sole therefore offers protection for your feet against sharp materials. The shoe has an antibacterial sole. All Blundstones are water-repellent, including the 910 work boots. Do you work on your knees a lot and do the toes of the work boots often touch the ground? Then choose a safety shoe with a crawl toe. The crawl toe provides extra protection against wear and tear that the shoe experiences when you often rub the ground with your toe. Buying work shoes at Blundstone has never been easier. There are two models to choose from and each model has its own unique features.

Maintenance of safety shoes

Blundstone work shoes are made of leather. Leather is a natural product that requires maintenance. If you do not treat the leather properly, the leather can dry out and crack. Not every wax is suitable for leather. Make sure you choose a wax that ensures that the leather is nourished and the pores can continue to breathe. The shoe polish also makes the leather water-repellent. Proper maintenance of leather shoes results in a longer lifespan of the shoes. Do your work shoes still look great, but are the insoles worn out? No problem! Among the accessories you will find the Blundstone comfort arch footbed . The soles are available from size 38 to size 48. With new insoles for the work shoes, your boots will feel like new again. It's a fact... Once you buy work shoes from Blundstone, you always buy work shoes from Blundstone!

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